Yuny Mixed-Use Development
São Paulo, Brazil


The Brazilian developer Yuny commissioned Davis Brody Bond to complete a study for a mixed-use complex at the edge of a residential district and a new major commercial and residential development, Parque da Cidade. Supported by the city planning department through the addition of new infrastructure and the extension of a major thoroughfare abutting the edge of the entire development, the park will hold a mixture of corporate, residential, and hotel towers nestled within a large, sustainable, linear park.

The 1,000,000 sf complex for Yuny is located at the corner of the development site, pivoting between the residential and corporate zones. Taking advantage of the prominent location, the corner is occupied by a large, iconic, corporate tower, with two smaller scale luxury and lower income residential buildings placed on either side of a semi public terrace. The terrace serves as both a privacy shield from the plaza level of the tower, as well as the roof of commercial spaces placed on the street level to activate the boulevard.