Stony Brook
Center for Bioengeering
Stony Brook, NY

Davis Brody Bond was initially commissioned by the State University Construction Fund to prepare a Program Study for the new Center for Bioengineering for Stony Brook University. We were then selected to design the structure, which includes state-of-the-art facilities for Biomedical Engineering Research, Biomedical Engineering Education, the Biotechnology Center for Advanced Technology (CAT), and Sensor Center of Advanced Technology (Sensor CAT). In addition, it houses DNA sequencers and electronic/biology interfaces. The new Center furthers Stony Brook’s mission to be a leader in discovery-based research and technology development in the areas of functional genomics instrumentation, gene discovery, drug design and delivery, and smart micro and nano-based biomaterials and biosensors.

The three-story building completes the quadrangle of Life Science Buildings on Stony Brook’s academic campus. Custom designed labs and clean rooms are located in the basement level. The above ground floors consist of 12 generic labs flexibly configured as modules allowing for growth without future renovation. Offices for the private investigators are situated between the labs with nearby support facilities including equipment rooms, microscope rooms and tissue culture rooms. The new building clearly presents its own image yet responds to the surrounding architecture on the quadrangle through the use of brick and accent of charcoal pre-cast concrete coping at the top.

The Center for Bioengineering is part of New York State’s Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR), a government public-benefit corporation that supports collaborative industry/academic partnerships to foster integrated approaches for developing and commercializing innovative technologies.