The New York Public Library
Wallach Division of Art, Prints & Photographs
New York, NY

The Wallach Division is composed of three separate groups: the Art and Architecture collection, the Prints Collection and the Photography Collection. It houses original works of art as well as reference materials covering painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, and the history of architecture and design from prehistoric times to the present.

The renovation dramatically increased the public and staff space of the division.  Collection space was centralized and expanded, and a more efficient flow was created between the reference staff, readers and materials through the redesign of reference areas. The reconfiguration of staff work spaces into discrete areas opened up the space within the division’s reading rooms for Prints and Photography and for Art and Architecture. The reading rooms became wired for laptop computers and internet access.

The Art and Architecture Collection is a conventional library facility, comprised mostly of print materials that are available for viewing by the general public. The Prints and Photography Collections serve more curatorial functions and contain objects that require specific and controlled environmental conditions. The Prints Collection contains a number of different storage facilities (flat files, boxes and file drawers) to accommodate different materials. The Photography Collection underwent a major digital transformation, adding a digital library of its collection, which can be viewed online. The Photography and Prints Collections offer limited access to their resources and are available only to those that apply to use these facilities.