National Park Service
Ellis Island Emergency and Long-Term
Museum Collections and Storage
New York, NY

27 ACRES • 109,265 SQ M

Davis Brody Bond is currently working with the National Park Service on a five month project to identify and document design solutions for the long term storage, stabilization and protection of the collections at Ellis Island. The scope of the project includes the evaluation of collection management and storage of over one million historic artifacts. Our team will develop multiple alternatives to consolidate storage locations in protected and efficient spaces within the Park. We will produce an update to the existing 2005 Collection Management Plan to address the concerns generated with the evacuation of the collection after Hurricane Sandy.

By identifying vulnerabilities at Ellis Island, on a broader scale, our scope will inform other parks in coastal regions of similar vulnerabilities that have been or are susceptible to damage by conditions resulting from climate change and the rise in sea-levels. For Ellis Island and Liberty Island we will develop a park-wide risk assessment plan and propose design solutions.