New York University
Tisch School of the Arts
New York, NY

Davis Brody Bond was a finalist in an invited competition to design a new Institute for Performing Arts for New York University. The site for the project was a highly visible location on the University’s urban campus in the center of Greenwich Village. The goals of the project were to design an Institute that would serve not only as an educational environment but also one that would train students in a real world environment, offering productions which would immerse them in the rigors of their future careers. Therefore the building was designed to meet both educational and professional standards. The building was also designed to be an integral part of Greenwich Village’s theater district.

During the competition phase, the firm explored the organization of the building, form, materials and urban relationships. The design captured the spirit of the Institute and reflected the dynamic flavor of the neighborhood. The internal functions of the building were expressed on the exterior facades. The design included a 200-seat theater, black box theaters, rehearsal, production and support spaces.