New York Presbyterian Hospital
Adult Emergency Department
New York, NY


Davis Brody Bond and daSilva Architects collaborated to renovate, modernize, and expand the Adult Emergency Department at New York-Presbyterian, the University Hospitals of Columbia and Cornell. The renovations have reorganized workflow toward patient-centered care, established lasting infrastructure upgrades, and made a memorable architectural statement while maintaining continuous operation throughout phased construction.

The new design has implemented a Rapid Medical Evaluation system within the Adult ED, added many more triage and observation bays, and modernized equipment at one of New York City’s busiest emergency departments. An existing glass pavilion has been redesigned as a new waiting room that complements the adjoining historical structure. The façade at Broadway and 168th street has been re-clad in limestone and glass to symbolize these changes to the neighboring community, hospital employees, and visitors.

Joining together several adjacent buildings, theproject overcomes the challenges of integrating infrastructure, building systems, and circulation by relying upon detailed historical document research, technical surveys and user interviews. Building upon this research, Davis Brody Bond held a series of workshops and planning meetings with the hospital which relied upon an accessible visual presentation of the design team’s preparatory analysis. This analysis included existing conditions surveys, feasibility studies, exterior and interior spatial adjacency analysis, person-traffic flow, buildings systems alternatives and phasing options to deliver a comprehensive and affordable planning strategy.