New Jeddah Master Plan
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

52 ACRES • 4,046 SQ M

Adjacent to Jeddah’s King Abdullah International Airport, the project site is a 52-acre, flat expanse of sand. Located only 80 km away from the highest sanctuary in Muslim culture, Jeddah is the main hub for ‘Hajj’ the yearly pilgrimage of thousands of Muslims to Mecca. The strategic location petitions for an iconic design. The coast is only a few miles to the west of the site and provides fresh sea breezes from the north west, while the desert to the east, brings the hot south-eastern winds.

The Davis Brody Bond design team was charged with the task of creating a “New Jeddah”— a mixed use business, commercial, and residential destination that will attract top tier businesses and residents to an iconic, sustainable, eco-friendly oasis, setting the bar for the future identity of Jeddah. This state-of-the-art destination will incorporate all 21st Century technologies while respecting and honoring the culture and environment of Saudi Arabia.

The design team developed three distinct schemes, drawing inspiration from the culture of Saudi Arabia, the power of the wind, the spirit of geometry and religion, and the need for shade and water.  A new organically evolved “landscape” will be created in the desert, 50% green: water, shade, and maximization of the sea breezes to create a more pleasant outdoor environment. Increased walkability and expansion of outdoor use will be promoted via environmentally creative solutions to public spaces. Parking will be shaded, located in a lower level cityscape with access to all parts of the new city.