L’Oréal New Research Facility
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


As part of an ongoing relationship with L’Oréal, Davis Brody Bond took part in an invited competition for a new facility the company is hoping to open in Rio de Janeiro. The elongated east-west orientation of the site and the requirement for parking and expansion strategy has led us to develop a project which is linear. The lab module is 6.4m and determines the 12.8m structural module, so that all of the building can be transformed into lab areas, allowing for 100% interchangeability and flexibility within the built structure. Flexibility was also sought out with easily built, uncomplicated structural and MEP systems.

Sited on a peninsula in Guanabara Bay, the building is placed along the southern border of the site, preserving the existing hill and its vegetation and minimizing the visual impact on the surrounding neighborhood. All labs are oriented south, taking advantage of the open views and access to natural sunlight, while concentrating support functions at North. To prevent the overexposure of daylight, the building’s façade system utilizes a simple curtain wall and sunscreen to allow the control of sun exposure as required.

To reduce the land coverage and site work, a two-story building with concentrated lab activities on the second floor and common areas, support, and testing on the first floor was proposed. Organized within two wings, the common areas become a central unifying element, creating an environment that promotes collaboration and creativity while establishing a clear hierarchy between services and testing areas. The design recognizes L’Oréal’s commitment to sustainability and the well-being of its employees and clients, striving for a LEED Gold rating.