Chicago SkyLine
Chicago, IL

with Marks barfield architects • ASSETS ALOFT, CLIENT

Designed in collaboration by Davis Brody Bond and Marks Barfield Architects, the Chicago SkyLine is a design and masterplan proposal for the next great icon for the City of Chicago. The project aims to lead the way for tourism and economic growth, showcasing an aerial vista of Chicago and its assets to the eyes of the world.

Born out of Davis Brody Bond’s entry for the Navy Pier Centennial Vision competition, the SkyLine would not only serve to stimulate Chicago’s tourism industry, but also give the city a one-of-a-kind, environmentally friendly aerial tram system in an urban environment. The iconic Line would link Navy Pier, Illinois’s number one tourist attraction, with a number of other great assets of Chicago, including hotels and the Riverwalk. With stations just a short stroll from Millennium Park, Michigan Avenue, and State Street, this linkage would encourage visitors to explore more options without the use of cars, leaving behind only a very small carbon footprint. The ability to move tourists to and from Navy Pier would not only help ensure the Pier’s position as the top tourist destination but would also energize the city’s Riverwalk and other public space in a way that is both practical and inspirational.

The year-round attraction would include 4 stations, 8 pylons, 3 angle pylons, and 80 sleek cars or “pods” (designed in collaboration with cable transport specialist Leitner-Poma) carrying up to 2000 passengers per hour. It would operate into the evening hours, offering unique dining experiences in private cars for special occasions and make every day in Chicago one of magnificent views and spectacular memories.

(All renderings by F10; diagrams by Davis Brody Bond)