Lighting Framework Plan
Chicago, IL

85,000 SF • 7,900 SQ M

The design for the Citywide Lighting Framework Plan studies scalable ‘platforms of light’ that are grounded by the functional understanding of the networks, nodes, and strata which define the City of Chicago. By utilizing the city as a canvas, our explorations have created a series of flexible lighting ‘platforms’ derived from the arts, events, architecture, landscape, information, media, and natural phenomena.

The Big C is our overall concept and creates a territory that encapsulates the boundaries for the LFP. The concept utilizes an offset series of rings that dynamically grow outward from the center in the harbor to the loop and the once imagined Burnham ring. The Big C is populated with both permanent and temporary installation platforms that are flexible, programmable, and multi-functional by design. Programmable platforms include: formal street, building, and sidewalk lighting, a series of scalable art and multi-media platforms, as well as light born from architecture and landscape which respond to seasonal flux.

The Chicago River forms the backbone to provide a full circle connection from Navy Pier, along the River, where it transitions over land on W Roosevelt Road to connect with the Museum Campus. To complete the loop, an observation platform is situated in the harbor along the ferry route. This naturally connecting loop, composed of both networks and nodes, utilizes both path and destination to integrate the following spectacles of light: The Chicago River; The Firefly Park; The El; The Bridges; Lower Wacker Drive; The Buildings; The Observation Platform; and The Burnham Ring.

The LFP provides a basis from which to revitalize infrastructure, provide social incentive, economic opportunity, and a means of implementation. Through urban design, performance art, activation of the public realm, and re-charge of the city’s collective imagination, the LFP will transform the atmosphere of the city into a highly interactive, unique environment.