Bandeirantes Mixed-Use Development
São Paulo, Brazil

TISHMAN SPEYER • 5,200,000 sf • 483,100 sq m

Davis Brody Bond was selected in an international design competition to plan this 5.2 million sf mixed-use development with Tishman Speyer. The program called for synthesizing 1,600 apartments, 1,000,000 sf of retail and commercial space, and parking for 6,500 cars into a coherent and livable urban place. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic was a key design issue, since more than 20,000 people a day will pass through the complex. The project is located at the intersection of three busy highways, requiring coordinated access. A perimeter ring road accepts traffic from all directions and serves all the new buildings while leaving the site’s center road-free.

This planning concept allows a unifying landscape to extend across the entire site: a lushly planted park that combines active and passive outdoor recreation with a sustainable habitat for native plants and fauna. The park is laid out in “loops” that provide a framework for locating high-rise residential towers, commercial development, and structured parking. Many of the low-rise components are slipped under occupiable landscapes, maximizing the site’s activation and ecological balance. The proposed architectural expression extends Brazil’s tradition of muscular and dramatic modernism. The residential towers combine a super-scale structural frame with a lively pattern of openings punctuated by multi-story common terraces. Commercial, retail, and recreation buildings are worked into the landscape, contrasting angular transparent facades with faceted green roofs.