Juruti Master Plan
Pará, Brazil

2,462,782 sf • 228,800 sq m

Davis Brody Bond collaborated with the municipality of Juruti, in Pará, Brazil and the global aluminum producer Alcoa on a strategic plan for sustainable regional development around the Juruti Bauxite Mine. All developments will be integrated into the existing city to improve local living conditions and provide opportunities for current and new residents. The master plan’s set of targeted investments include a new hospital, sanitary and transit infrastructure upgrades, environmental conservation, and transformation of underused spaces into public parks. All of these investments are tailored to enhance local culture and generate jobs. The largest-scale proposal is a new 55-acre residential neighborhood for Alcoa workers designed to optimize the company’s sustainability directives. The scope includes 250 housing units and 200 lodging quarters for single workers arranged around a commercial plaza, a school, and leisure facilities.